• Long Road Distillers (map)
  • 537 Leonard Street Northwest
  • Grand Rapids, MI, 49504
  • United States

The Long Road Distillery is one of the area’s first craft distilleries. In the land of craft brewing little was known about craft distilling. The founders and owners of Long Road have been on a long and sometimes tortured journey to the promised land of distilled bliss. Designed on a very tight budget, working with code officials who were only learning the complexities of this building type and staying within a master plan that would have the facility expand to incorporate much of the adjacent building along with expansion at the back, this facility has proven itself to be a destination location for those seeking a unique experience in dining out of the ordinary libations. One HSW learning unit available for architects. 

Attendees should expect to learn about:
- the challenges of repurposing older buildings and the code compliance issues involved
- the creative thinking required to augment the structural frame of a building designed as dwelling space and converted to assembly space for large crowds
- the learning curve working with contractors and building officials in a hazardous occupancy type
- creative application of code requirements for accessibility
- the special problems of making the distilling process visible

Attendance is free but registration is required.

Thanks to AIA-Grand Rapids for organizing this event.