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Identity with Dawn Pick Benson

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The Lit
61 Sheldon Boulevard SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Dawn Pick Benson is the owner of GlobeStory, a content company focused on multicultural brand messaging strategy and copywriting. She teaches the CultureSmart story strategy based on two decades of experience as a writer, storyteller, traveler and student of culture. She has spent her career working for and consulting with companies to help them clarify their message and tell their story in a way that’s engaging and culturally relevant to their audience. A Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator, Dawn has traveled to 40 countries and lived and worked in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Dawn also enjoys coaching women professionals in discovering the unique talents they bring to the world. She believes we’re all on a journey toward discovering ourselves, and as a result of her own journey, she’s in the midst of launching A Wider Table, a blog and podcast designed to cultivate honest conversations and share stories that encourage us to leave room for new perspectives, new ideas and new people in our work, faith and life.


“The most unique care and love you can give to your creative identity is to craft it with your own hands.”

Get inspired this month with a discussion on Identity from Dawn Pick Benson at the beautifully remodeled historic Lady’s Literary Club! We look forward to seeing your bright and smiling faces at The Lit at 8:30 am—and not a minute earlier. ;)

Tickets will be released Friday, March 20th at 9am

All tickets for this event are free. Please register to reserve your spot!

Visit the Creative Mornings GR website for more details.

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